Care & Styling Oil
<Non-rinse treatment>

  1,650 yen (tax included)

Styling Image
Dispense an amount of oil roughly equivalent to two squirts and spread it onto your palm.
Apply from hair ends moving towards the middle.
Move your hands from the hairline in the front of the head to the back of your head with a slight lifting motion to fluff up the parting. You can also create a three-dimensional look by pinching tufts of hair on the front and sides with your fingers as you go through it (the amount of oil left on your palm will be sufficient.)
*To prevent your hair from getting sticky, oil should be applied from the tips, not from the roots.
  • Smooth and lustrous hair all day long.
    Style your hair by simply running your fingers through it.
    You can also use it as hair styling base and for bare hair care.
  • Green citrus tea scent ※Contains natural fragrance
  • Contains UV ray-filtering ingredient*1
  • Contains cuticle-protecting ingredient*2

*1 Ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate
*2 Dimethicone

Plant-based ingredients

Hair repair agents:

  • Olive fatty acid ethyl

Moisturizing agents:

  • Certified organic argan oil*3
  • Certified organic jojoba oil
  • Olive squalane *4

*3 Argania spinosa kernel oil
*4 Squalane