Three-time pack (6 patches)
3,300 yen (tax included)

One-time pack (2 patches)
1,320 yen (tax included)

MICRO  PATCH  HA Magnifique
Micropatch HA

Infusion beauty treatment with 1,500*(1) high-density microneedles for those wishing to improve firmness around the eyes and mouth.

*(1) Total for 2 patches

Product’s features

1 Simply apply and go to sleep.

  • ・Moisturizing agents (natural hyaluronic acid* and niacinamide) in the form of 1,500 microneedles*(1) are infused directly into the deepest part of the stratum corneum.
  • ・The moisturizing agents (natural hyaluronic acid* and niacinamide) dissolve slowly while you are asleep, delivering moisture to the skin.

2 Natural science skin care product with 100% moisturizing agents (natural hyaluronic acid* and niacinamide).

  • ・A luxurious combination of natural hyaluronic acid* produced through lactic acid fermentation and renowned moisturizer niacinamide.
  • ・Does not contain any of the following 5:
    fragrance, colorants, alcohol (ethyl alcohol), parabens or mineral oils

3 Improved firmness after just one night.

  • ・Peel off the micropatch the following morning and experience a crisp, firm feeling welling up from within.

*(1) Total for 2 patches
*(2) Down to the stratum corneum
* Sodium hyaluronate

How to Use


Place the case so that the word OPEN is on the upper right and remove the lid.


Hold the pre-cut portion on the left side with the fingers of both hands and separate the film mount along the perforated line.


Without touching the center portion with the microneedles, remove the mask by holding the sticky part.


Apply the mask to the skin around the eyes, ensuring a distance of at least 3 mm away from the eyes.


Press directly from above. Avoid pressing hard or moving the patch around.


Enjoy a good night's sleep with the mask on and remove it carefully the next morning.

How to best apply the patch in each area

When applying it around the eyes

Stretch the skin around the eyes downward with one hand and apply.

When applying to the outer corner of the eye

Ensure a certain distance from the inner corner of the eye and apply the patch so that it covers the desired area.

When applying it around the mouth

Stretch your cheek sideways with one hand and apply.

Precautions before use

  • ・Dry hands before use.
  • ・Use immediately after opening as the patch is vulnerable to moisture.
  • ・The mask is covered with very fine needles and, in rare cases, you may experience irritation upon applying it.
    In the unlikely event that the irritation does not subside, stop using the mask.
  • ・Do not remove the microneedles in the center of the mask. Also, avoid touching them with your fingers as they will dissolve to the touch.

Precautions for use

  • ・After applying the mask, do not press hard on it or move it around.
  • ・Do not use on areas affected by wounds, swelling, eczema, rashes, etc. Also, in case of sunburn, wait until redness and irritation subside before applying.
  • ・You may experience redness or irritation while applying the mask or after removing it.
    If symptoms persist, discontinue use and consult a dermatologist or contact our customer service.
  • ・After removing the mask, wash off any hardened residue with water without rubbing it in.
  • ・Do not reuse a mask that has been used once.
  • ・Do not store at high temperature.