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Magnifique is a unisex-inspired men's skincare series that infuses the skin with nutrients from nature, relaxes you and gets your circulation moving

Don't settle for the basics—enjoy the clear skin that is only possible with Magnifique.

Magnifique Aesthetic Theory

skin circulation program

Attractive skin is achieved through good circulation that removes impurities.
Even the clearest river will become muddy if it cannot flow.
KOSÉ Magnifique infuses the skin with nutrients from nature and gets your circulation moving.
Activating the skin's natural cycles to keep it free of impurities,
this series is the perfect blend of nature and science.

5 Facts about Attractive Skin

Fact 1

For attractive skin, washing away dirt and oil is just the first step.

The difference between clean skin and attractive skin

If you want clear, attractive skin, washing away dirt and oil is just the first step.
Washing your face cannot get rid of buildup and dullness, which makes you look tired, ages you and can even make your skin look dirty.

Look at the difference between the dull skin of the man on the left and the healthy-looking skin of the man on the right.

Fact 2

Stress dulls your skin.

What causes stagnation and dullness in the skin?

The stress hormone cortisol impedes the secretion of growth hormone, which makes skin look attractive.
Stress narrows the capillaries, making it harder to deliver the nutrients and moisture the skin needs. This causes the stratum corneum to become thinner, and it is less able to retain moisture as a result. Cell turnover is disrupted when the stratum corneum is dry, causing dead skin to build up and exacerbating dullness.

Relaxed state = Parasympathetic nervous system dominance
When you are relaxed, the autonomic nervous system shifts to parasympathetic nervous system dominance. Your capillaries open, allowing the body to deliver enough nutrients and moisture to the skin and remove waste products. Clear skin is the result of a thick stratum corneum that receives enough moisture from the layers underneath.
Tense state = Sympathetic nervous system dominance
If your brain remains under tension, the autonomic nervous system will stay in a state of sympathetic nervous system dominance, without switching back to the parasympathetic nervous system. Your capillaries narrow and the stratum corneum is compressed, leaving your skin looking dull.

Source:  The Society of Cosmetic Chemists of Japan. Keshohin No Yukosei: Hyoka Gijutsu No Shinpo To Shorai No Tenbo (The Efficacy of Cosmetics: Advances in Evaluation Technology and Future Prospects). Kagaku To Seibutsu (Chemistry and Biology), vol. 51, no.3, 2013.(Partially modified)

Fact 3

Sleeping well leads to attractive skin.

The link between sleep and attractive skin

The growth hormone that makes your skin look attractive is secreted when your body and mind are in a deep sleep. This hormone helps to grow, repair and maintain all of the organs and tissues in the body and promotes healthy metabolism. It repairs damage that occurs throughout the day and influences how your skin will look in the morning.
Cortisol, meanwhile, is secreted when you are under excessive stress. Too much stress can block the secretion of growth hormone.

Source:   Encyclopedia of Endocrine Diseases, Academic Press .p.678-682(Partially modified)

Fact 4

Fragrances help you sleep well.

The link between fragrances and sleep quality.

Scientists have reported a strong connection between fragrances and the deep sleep in which growth hormone is released.
In one experiment, around half of hospitalized patients who tried aromatherapy slept better, even though both they and the control patients received sufficient clinical medication. In a clinical trial where subject brain waves were measured while they slept, subjects fell into a deep sleep faster with cedarwood essential oil in a humidifier.
Some of the oils used in aromatherapy have also been proven to reduce the stress hormone cortisol.

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Natural fragrances in Magnifique
Pink Pepper
How stress in the nervous system changes the skin

Source:  J invest Dermatol 124:587-595, 2005(Partially modified)

Fact 5

Spending time in nature is reported to reduce the stress hormone cortisol.

How nature reduces stress

Spending time in nature is reported to reduce the stress hormone cortisol.
(Science Media: Frontiers In Psychology)
Magnifique captures the essence of nature in a skincare range. Our products are infused with natural components for attractive skin and natural fragrances that leave you feeling relaxed. Our "inside and out" approach provides intensive care for the inner dryness that occurs particularly frequently in male skin, whisking away the cloudiness and dullness that this dryness causes.

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