Beard & Eyebrow Mascara

001 Olive Brown
Beard & Eyebrow Mascara: 5.5mL  
  1,980 yen (with tax)

A beard & eyebrow mascara for changing color and increase volume thanks to its compact brush that allows you to easily reach the target area.
Improving the look of beard and eyebrows, elements that greatly affect the overall impression of your face, will give it a more sophisticated appearance.
The mascara’s color is olive brown, perfectly suited for both dark and light hair hues.

Plant-based moisturizers
  • Jojoba leaf extract
  • Hibamata extract in glycerin

Product features

1 An easy-to-use, compact brush that allows you to easily reach the target area in order to change color and increase volume, so as to give a sophisticated impression.

A compact, even brush.
Holds the liquid firmly and lets it adhere to the eyebrows without sticking to the skin, allowing for quick and clean application.

2 High-adhesion, long-lasting formulation
Resistant to sweat and sebum, stress-free and comfortable to use, it does not come off easily and guarantees a natural finish

Smudge-proof and sebum-resistant formulation
Its high-adherence, long-lasting formulation guarantees improved adhesion to the skin in addition to water resistance.
Natural finish
The light-reflecting, soft focus effect powder contained in its formulation ensures natural hair grain and a glossy finish.

3 Its olive brown color is perfectly suited for both dark and light hair hues

The colors blend in well with either of the two colors of the Beard & Eyebrow Pencil. By using the products together, you can achieve an even more sophisticated look. We also recommend using the Beard & Eyebrow Mascara on its own.

001 Olive Brown
Easily blends in with both dark and light hair hues. Conveys an elegant impression.

4 Carefully selected natural moisturizing agents and eyebrow-protecting ingredients/Easily removed with cleanser

Plant-based moisturizers
Jojoba leaf extract, hibamata extract in glycerin
Eyebrow-protecting agents
Panthenol, Squalene

How To Use

Beard care

How to improve beard’s volume and color unevenness


Extract the brush.


Apply product against hair grain.


Apply by brushing from the root to the tip of the hair.

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